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Our company was founded in 2013 and is headquarters in Thermi Thessaloniki. Activities in the collection, storage and management of old catalysts- deactivated catalytic conversions of cars and motorcycles.

Our company's philosophy is the direct and fast servising of its customers-partners. In order to have satisfied partners, we pay cash immediately for each load of catalysts you deliver to us.


We have an own fleet of collection vehicles and a network of reliable partners throughout Greece.


At our facilities in Thermi, the temporary storage of the catalysts is carried out, which are collected and transformed with the final destination, in facilities for the recovery of the metals contained in the catalyst.We have all the necessary certificates and licenses for the legal management of this waste and we give you a delivery note for this waste valid to all state services.



Buying prices of catalysts are not fixed and follow the prices of metals on the major stock markets. Therefore, in order to get the current buying price of the catalysts directly you can call us

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